Young Motorcyclists

Motorcycles and scooters make up around 1% of all national road traffic - but account for around 20% of those killed or seriously injured on the roads.

In Surrey around 1/3 of casualties are younger than 25 - and there's a clear peak in the morning with a longer peak in the afternoon and evening.

Most casualties are male - and 17 year olds are the most frequently injured.

By taking a few simple steps young motorcyclists can vastly reduce the risks associated with these collisions.

Take care when filtering

When you're filtering assume that people don't see you, a driver may pull out at any point, without looking. You're more invisible than invincible.

Watch out for drivers turning right

No one likes getting cut up right? But it's all the more serious on the roads. Most fatalities occur when drivers turn right across the paths of motorcyclists. So assume you're invisible and watch out for drivers turning right.

Wear the right gear

Fall off your bike and tarmac will shred through your clothes in seconds. Wearing the right gear is just as important as getting your bike serviced and knowing how to ride it.

And if leather's not your thing it's possible to get top quality 'casual' kevlar clothing to keep you safe and looking on point, without breaking the bank.

Read this essential guide to the gear for motorcyclists.