Media and publicity campaigns

Welcome to the publicity and campaigns section. Since launching Drive SMART in September 2009, a number of issues have been tackled with the aim of reducing anti-social driving and making Surrey's roads safer and more pleasant for everyone. All campaigns are undertaken based on national research or local data which highlights which behaviours need to be tackled.


We want everyone who cycles on Surrey roads to be safe, so this campaign will help highlight to drivers and cyclists that more attention is needed when looking for other road users, particularly at junctions. 


A hard-hitting campaign warning drivers about the potentially fatal consequences of speeding and how it can destroy peoples lives.

Drinking and driving

A campaign reminding motorists of the devastating consequences of drinking and driving.

Mobile phones

The Mobile phone campaign aims to educate drivers about the dangers of using a hand-held mobile at the wheel.


The Ride SMART in Surrey campaign aims to keep young motorcycle riders safe.


Park SMART aims to inform motorists of the current parking regulations, and encourages sensible parking.