Cycling is fun, cheap, good for our health and the environment, so why not dust off your bike and go and explore Surrey on two wheels.

But before you take to the road, set aside a little time to check out some important advice to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads and remember, always be considerate to other road users.

  • Always be visible and ride away from the kerb, so that you can avoid debris and drain covers.
  • When riding past a junction, always ride away from the edge of the road, to allow other road users to see you.
  • Take care when passing parked cars and watch out for doors being opened ahead of you.
  • Ensure your helmet is correctly fitted and replace ones that are damaged.
  • Remember to follow the Highway Code.
  • Shared path etiquette

Photo of family enjoying cycling

Take a look at this urban cycling guide film, it has some great tips on getting your road positioning right.

Find out more about cycling safely in Surrey.