The issue of speeding is the focus of Drive SMART’s autumn campaign throughout October which aims to help tackle rising numbers of people suffering serious injuries on Surrey’s roads.

While fatal road casualties have fallen over the last three years to 28 in 2011, serious injuries have increased by 14% to 554 in 2011, or more than 46 a month. Data continues to show that speed is a significant contributory factor in road accidents; not just through the exceeding of speed limits but through driving carelessly or not driving appropriately for the conditions.

The ‘Speeding costs lives’ campaign features two children, “Ellie” and “Josh” whose lives have been changed as a consequence of the actions of a speeding motorist. The creative treatment is a development of the spring campaign which won a gold award at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Pride Awards for Home Counties South.

Targeting all Surrey drivers, the five week campaign is using traditional media such as bill boards, bus back and radio commercials. It will also specifically target young people aged between 17 and 34 – who show up as most vulnerable in the casualty figures. Facebook and Twitter will be used to promote road safety strategies to reduce speeding and a viral film will warn them about the dangers of both speeding and peer pressure.