One of the most frequent concerns for Surrey residents is inconsiderate parking.  Park SMART aims to inform motorists about current parking regulations and encourages sensible parking. By parking correctly you can help reduce accidents, improve the flow of traffic and limit the damage to the environment caused by congestion.

What type of parking is inconsiderate?

Any type of parking that makes life difficult for others is considered selfish, however the following have been identified as being the most common:

  • parking on junctions
  • parking on zigzags
  • parking and blocking a lane
  • parking on a bend
  • parking on pavement
  • parking on verges
  • parking across crossing points.

How does inconsiderate parking affect others?

Anti-social parking can result in many problems for others including:

  • blocking emergency vehicles access i.e. ambulances, police cars or fire engines
  • blocking roads and driveways
  • causing obstruction to pedestrians crossing the roads or using the pathways
  • increased congestion
  • accessibility problems for larger vehicles i.e. refuse lorries.

Who’s responsible for parking in Surrey?

Amendments to the Traffic Management Act mean that councils now have the option to crack down on bad parking; including double parking and parking next to dropped kerbs. Surrey’s district and borough councils have now taken on the new parking powers on the county council’s behalf. Drivers will now be liable to a penalty charge notice for these acts.