Mobile phones

Driving whilst using a hand-held mobile phone is both illegal and dangerous, and according to research, can make a drivers reaction time 50% slower than in normal driving conditions.

We aim to educate drivers of the dangers, and how using a mobile phone to send a "quick text" or update a social network status is unacceptable and dangerous.

Did you know?

Using a hand-held mobile phone when driving means:

  • Your reaction times are slower - 50% slower when using a hand-held mobile compared to normal driving conditions.
  • You are four times more likely to crash.
  • You are more likely to drift across lanes.
  • Your judgement of speed and distances from other vehicles is impaired.
  • Using a hands-free phone is just as distracting as using a hand-held mobile while driving.
  • You can be prosecuted for using a hands-free phone if you are not in proper control of your vehicle - the penalties are the same.
  • If you are stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic, the law still applies.

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