Rider Intervention Developing Experience (RIDE)

The RIDE Scheme has been designed as an intervention for those motorcyclists whose behaviour has brought them to the attention of the Police. This Scheme is designed to address the behaviour of those motorcyclists whose riding could be described as thrill or sensation seeking and also those who by the very nature of their riding could be defined as anti-social or careless, thereby attracting a criminal prosecution. It can also be used for those motorcyclists who have demonstrated careless riding leading to a collision.

This Scheme is not designed to deal with motorcyclists who exceed speed limits and are detected by automatic safety camera devices. These offenders will be dealt with under the National Safety Awareness Courses.

The RIDE course invites offenders to question their own assumptions about their ability and competency to ride a motorcycle and to alert them to the vulnerability that reckless, careless or anti social riding can attract.  The aim of the course is to prevent riders from re-offending or worse, becoming a casualty.

A motorcyclist choosing a RIDE course may opt to take it at any of the national course venues and will have to pay for the cost of the course. Prices may vary by area so please contact your choice of course provider for more details. A person may only attend one RIDE course in 3 years. Subsequent offending will be dealt with by way of a prosecution

More information can be found via the National Association of Driver Intervention Providers website.