Community speed watch

Community Speed Watch Volunteers

Where there are significant community concerns over speeding and road safety, one of the options is to invite local residents to take part in a Community Speed Watch. This involves Surrey Police providing local volunteers with equipment and training to be able to monitor vehicle speeds and note the registration details of speeding vehicles. The police then issue letters to the keepers of vehicles who have been detected speeding to provide a warning against speeding at that location. Further police action may then be taken against motorists who are detected speeding several times.

If you and other members of your community think that speeding traffic has a dangerous impact in your neighbourhood and you would like to take an active role in speed monitoring, then forming or joining a group is a good next step. A scheme requires a minimum of six volunteers who will be trained by police in the use of speed monitoring equipment, health and safety and how to manage enquiries by members of the public. Community Speed Watch can only be undertaken at locations where it is safe for the volunteers to position themselves at the side of the road, and so not every road will be suitable. The Drive SMART Community Speed Watch leaflet (pdf) and the Drive SMART Community Speed Watch poster (pdf) are available to download to help in advertising the scheme.

To find out more about establishing a new Community Speed Watch scheme, or to see if there is an existing scheme, then more information can be obtained from the Surrey Police Community Speed Watch website page. Alternatively please contact your local Casualty Reduction Officer directly via the links below.  


Get in touch with your local police Casualty Reduction Officer: