Motorcycling advice and tips

BIKE SAFETY - Top ten tips to keep you safe

  1. Expect the unexpected
    Drivers often fail to see mopeds and motorbikes so stay alert and keep an eye out for cars and other vehicles. Position yourself in the most visible place.
  2. Protect yourself
    Wear protective gear every time you ride. Leathers, gloves, boots and most importantly, a safety helmet that fits.
  3. Make yourself visible
    Wear a light or brightly coloured helmet and fluorescent clothing or strips when riding in daylight or reflective strips when riding in the dark. Use your headlights to make yourself more visible.
  4. Take care when overtaking
    Overtaking can be dangerous. Don’t overtake when approaching bends, junctions, lay-bys, crossings or where there are double white lines. Before you overtake, take a lifesaver glance over your shoulder.
  5. Keep your bike in good working order
    Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your bike running well and allow you to spot potential problems early on.
  6. Take extra care in groups
    Be aware of each other and don’t race. Keep riders who are behind you visible in your mirrors.
  7. Read the road
    Learn to spot hazards such as manhole covers, loose gravel, mud and speed bumps. Spot them early and you will be more able to avoid them.
  8. Watch your speed
    Leave enough time for your journey, stick to the speed limit and ride at a speed that allows you to stop or slow down. The right speed will depend on conditions. Take extra care when it’s wet, foggy or icy.
  9. Mind that bend!
    Don’t go into a bend at too high a speed – an easy mistake to make, but it can be a fatal one. If in any doubt, lose some speed before the bend so you have greater room for manoeuvring.
  10. Under the influence?
    NEVER ride if you are tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.