Shared paths etiquette

Shared paths have been introduced in some areas of the county to allow both cyclists and pedestrians a safe area to travel, away from the busy roads. These are for use by cyclists and pedestrians and so it’s important that everyone takes care on these paths and considers other users.

Types of shared path

There are two types of shared paths that you can identify by different symbols that you will see on the route. This symbol means that the whole path is for shared use by both cyclists and pedestrians.











 If you see this symbol it means that cyclists need to stay on the side with the bike markings on it.








Top tips

Here are some top tips to sharing the paths with other users if you’re a cyclist:

  • Use a bell or give a friendly greeting when passing someone who may not see you.
  • Slow down, to avoid startling other people.

And if you’re a pedestrian...

  • Be aware of other users around you and try and stick to one side of the path.