Roadside education and enforcement days

Roadside education and enforcement dayRoadside Education and Enforcement Days (REEDs) involve police officers providing roadside enforcement and pulling in drivers who are detected speeding, using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt. The drivers are then offered the opportunity to receive an education session at the roadside provided by county council Community Engagement Officers to highlight the potential consequences of their driving behaviour, instead of being issued with the usual penalty. However high speeders will not be offered this option and will receive the usual penalty.

For some REEDs other government agencies such as the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency have also taken part, and police colleagues have also been able to enforce other vehicle defect or document offences.

REEDs are undertaken in each of Surrey's boroughs or districts at least once a year. As well as dealing directly with the motoring offenders, the high profile police presence and activity during the day aims to provide reassurance to the local community that work is being undertaken to tackle road safety and anti-social driving, and provides a deterent to would be offenders.