Police enforcement

Speed check

Neighbourhood teams, including dedicated Casualty Reduction Officers, are able to provide enforcement by pulling vehicles over and providing advice to drivers or issuing penalties at the roadside. Speeding vehicles can be detected using hand held laser, after which drivers will be stopped at the roadside. Safety cameras operated by police officers can also be used to record speeding vehicles, after which a notice of intended prosecution will be issued through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

The Roads Policing Unit provide force-wide cover for incidents on strategic roads and serious road traffic collisions. They have more powerful cars and highly trained drivers. When not responding to incidents, they target hotspots that are flagged to them by the Neighbourhood teams, for example locations of speeding or other anti-social vehicle use. Their tactics for enforcement and education are the same as for Neighbourhood teams. However, their vehicles are also equipped with recording equipment and are calibrated to measure speed, so they are able to draw upon another evidential tool.

Targeted Patrol Teams provide the main 24/7 response policing across the county. A number of colleagues within the Targeted Patrol Teams are trained in the use of hand held lasers and tactics to deal with poor driving. They also target hotspots identified by the Casualty Reduction Officer on their aligned borough or district.

If you are concerned over road safety on a road in Surrey which you think needs police attention, please get in touch with Surrey Police.