Co-operate don't compete

With the increase in the numbers of cyclists on the roads, the number of accidents involving cyclists is also increasing. Cycle SMART aims to encourage cyclists and motorists to be more aware of each other, cycle and drive safely and share Surrey’s roads; to cooperate, not compete.

Meet Marc, a good natured and considerate Surrey resident, cyclist and motorist. He understands how busy Surrey’s roads are, and how space can feel limited. He appreciates that tensions can bubble up between all road users. Talking about some of the issues he faces during the week and weekends when out on the roads he says:

“There are undoubted tensions between a small minority of people: motorists, cyclists and others such as horse riders. Drivers might not be aware just how quickly some cyclists travel and it is difficult to judge when to overtake them. Likewise though, cyclists should be mindful of other road users, for example, by not cycling two abreast when doing so would prevent a driver from safely overtaking. Everybody must learn to share the roads. Inconsiderate use of the roads will eventually lead to someone getting hurt, or worse, killed.”

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To ensure the safety of all Surrey’s road users, it is important that everyone is aware of each other and follows a few simple road safety tips:

So what can you do?

  • Share the roads
  • Be patient and tolerant of other road users
  • Take responsibility for your own actions while out on the roads
  • If you witness dangerous behaviour by a cyclist or a motorist you can dial 101, or report an incident online via