Safety awareness courses

Subject to a number of criteria, Surrey Police may offer drivers who exceed the speed limit or contravene a red traffic light the opportunity to attend a safety awareness training course as an alternative to a fine and penalty points. For speeding offences this would normally only apply to those who are detected speeding up to the level of the speed limit +10%+9mph. In a 30 mph speed limit zone this equates to those detected speeding up to the level of 42mph, (those detected speeding greater than 42mph would not be offered the safety awareness training course option and would be prosecuted instead). Those who have already attended a safety awareness course within the last three years from the date of the offence would not be eligible.

Courses in Surrey follow a nationally approved syllabus and for "speed awareness" and "what's driving us" courses this consists of a classroom based presentation and discussion of approximately four hours duration. These courses aim to generate a better understanding of the consequences of certain driver behaviours and decision making and provide instruction on driving more carefully. We also offer the "driving 4 change" course which is a 2½ hour practical on-road session delivered by suitably qualified instructors on a 2:1 ratio. This course is aimed at those drivers who it is felt would benefit from improving their skills following a driving offence.

Within Surrey courses are operated by AA DriveTech and held at a number of venues across Surrey, though drivers can choose to attend an equivalent course elsewhere in the country if that is more convenient.  Drivers who meet the eligibility pay £95 to attend the course which covers the cost of administering and delivering the scheme, and also contributes towards the cost of the provision of safety camera enforcement and improved road safety in Surrey.

Further details can be found on the AA DriveTech's website, on the Safety awareness courses - frequently asked questions page. If you need to speak to someone about your course booking please contact AA DriveTech direct on 0845 345 9623. You will be able to discuss arrangements for taking the course elsewhere in the country if it is more convenient, or about attending the course in Surrey if you have been referred from elsewhere. Please do not attempt to book a course unless you have been offered that option by police.